How to Pass the First Time

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Know All Your Road Signs!

Consider situations where visibility is reduced and you need enhanced illumination.

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When should you use your vehicle's high beam headlights?

Think about how merging onto a highway safely requires adjustments in speed and flow of traffic.

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What is the purpose of an acceleration lane on a highway entrance ramp?

Think about the importance of maintaining an appropriate distance to ensure proper positioning.

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When parallel parking, at what distance should you be from the curb?

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What should you do when approaching a roundabout?

Consider the time interval required to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead.

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What is the recommended following distance under normal driving conditions?

Think about the purpose of using symbols and colors in traffic signs.

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What does a yellow diamond-shaped sign with a symbol of a pedestrian indicate?

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What is the most common type of drink consumed by drunk drivers?

Think about the purpose of road markings and what a solid line typically signifies.

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What does a solid yellow line in the center of the road indicate?

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Apart from alcohol, which other substances might impair someone's driving skills?

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What is the correct hand signal for indicating a right turn?

Think about the appropriate response to a tailgating situation for safety.

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What should you do if you notice a driver tailgating you?

Imagine the position of your vehicle and how turning the wheels in a particular direction can prevent it from rolling in a certain way.

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When parking uphill with a curb, which way should you turn your vehicle's front wheels?

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What type of sign is represented by a diamond shape?

Consider the safest approach when using a phone in exceptional circumstances.

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What is the best way to handle a situation where you must use your phone while driving, such as in an emergency?

Consider the purpose of the sign and the meaning of the term "bicycle lane."

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What does a "Bicycle Lane" sign indicate?

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What does a flashing red traffic signal mean?

Reflect on the meaning of different shapes and colors used in traffic signs.

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What does a red triangle-shaped sign at an intersection mean?

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What are the potential consequences if you are driving with a suspended license and get into an accident that results in injury to another person?

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You must not park within how man feet of a stop sign?

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You should always slow down on

Consider the meaning of different traffic signal indications and the action required when encountering a flashing yellow arrow.

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What is the purpose of a traffic signal with a flashing yellow arrow?

Think about the safest and legal way to handle the situation if you miss your intended exit.

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What should you do if you miss your intended exit on a highway?

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If your driving privilege is suspended due to a motor vehicle violation or any other offense, what are the implications?

Think about the proper way to share the road and make turns safely around bicyclists.

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When driving near bicyclists, what should you do before making a right turn?

Consider the principles of sharing the road with different types of road users.

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How should you interact with bicyclists on the road?

Consider the legal requirement and proper etiquette when encountering pedestrians at a crosswalk.

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What should you do if you encounter a pedestrian waiting to cross at a marked crosswalk?

Consider the appropriate action to take when another vehicle is overtaking you.

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What should you do if you are being passed by another vehicle?

Consider the purpose of a yellow traffic light and what it signifies in terms of caution and decision-making.

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When can you proceed through a yellow traffic light?

Think about the primary purpose of using the horn and situations where it is necessary for safety reasons.

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When is it appropriate to use your vehicle's horn?

Consider the commonly used symbols on blue signs and their meanings.

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What does a rectangular blue sign with a white "H" indicate?

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How to Pass the First Time

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