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Think about the correct response to driving in strong crosswinds.

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What is the recommended way to handle a strong crosswind while driving on a highway?

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According to the New Jersey Driver Manual, if a driver has a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of slightly above 0.005%, his or her causing an accident

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If you're halted at a junction and the signal turns green, but there's a pedestrian crossing in front of you, what's the appropriate action to take?

Consider the safest action to take when facing excessive glare from high beams.

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What should you do if an oncoming vehicle has its high beams on and is not dimming them?

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Which car accessory is essential for maintaining proper tire pressure?

Think about the primary purpose of seat belts in terms of safety.

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Why is it important to wear a seat belt while driving or riding in a vehicle?

Think about safe practices when sharing the road with large trucks.

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How should you approach a large commercial truck while driving on a highway?

Consider the correct approach when merging onto a highway.

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What should you do when merging onto a highway from an entrance ramp?

Consider the courteous and safe response when another driver signals to merge.

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What should you do if another driver signals their intention to switch into your lane?

Consider the safe and legal course of action when missing an exit.

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What should you do if you miss your intended exit on a highway?

Consider the components that make up the total stopping distance.

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What is the total stopping distance of a vehicle composed of?

Think about the appropriate response to driving in wet conditions.

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What should you do when driving on a wet highway with reduced traction due to rain?

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Before you turn left into a driveway, you must yield to

Consider the relationship between speed and a vehicle's ability to stop safely.

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How does speed affect the stopping distance of a vehicle?

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What is the purpose of shoulder checking when switching lanes?

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What is required of vehicles as they approach a traffic circle or roundabout?

Consider the role of the "2-Second Rule" in safe driving.

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When driving on a highway, what is the purpose of the "2-Second Rule"?

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This sign shows the location of

Consider the proper technique for managing speed on steep downhill grades.

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What should you do when driving downhill on a long, steep highway grade?

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How does using a mobile phone while driving potentially elevate the risk of getting into an accident?

Think about how maintaining a safe following distance benefits both you and other drivers.

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What is the purpose of maintaining a safe following distance when switching lanes?

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When you're driving in fog at night, you should use

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Identify the incorrect statement related to vehicle blind spots.

Consider the purpose of high beam headlights and their benefits at night.

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When should you use your high beam headlights while driving at night?

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In the event that your car's blinkers stop working, what should you utilize as an alternative until they are fixed?

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How should you approach and navigate a curve safely while driving?

Consider the role of seat belts in minimizing injuries during collisions.

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How does wearing a seat belt affect your chances of surviving a crash?

Consider the importance of checking blind spots for safe lane changes.

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When is it generally considered safe to switch lanes on a highway?

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Failure to obey the directions of a peace officer will result in ____ points on your driving record.

Think about the recommended following distance to ensure safe driving.

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What is the minimum following distance you should maintain behind the vehicle in front of you?

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There are _ steps in the Early Bird Road.

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What should you do if the motorist behind you keeps blinking their headlights at you?

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If you're making a left turn from two way road to a one-way lane, how should you proceed

Consider the function of a deceleration lane during highway exit.

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What is the purpose of a deceleration lane when exiting a highway?


Think about the best way to adjust your vision to minimize glare.

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How can you reduce glare from the headlights of an oncoming vehicle at night?

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